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A.A.M Direct

Program rewrite 10-27-2012

Updated: 04-09-2014

I. Preface

A.A.M Direct is a newsgroup reader and posting program whereby two or more people can communicate through the alt.anonymous.messages newsgroup using anonymous hsub subjects.   It was written for the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems and should work on other Windows systems, however, there might be some slight interface alignment problems.

A.A.M Direct might be better explained and understood to be a type of email system whereby two or more people can communicate privately (and anonymously) without having to open and use an email account.  The message text is automatically encrypted and transmitted by either 1. via a secure TLS connection to a free news group server or 2. via the Mixmaster remailer system, and placed out in the alt.anonymous.messages newsgroup under a continuously changing encrypted subject line.

The program is also used to download all messages from the alt.anonymous.messages newsgroup and search out and display the messages sent to you. There is no definitive way for two communicating parties to be linked together with this system.

A.A.M Direct no longer requires the installation of additional software programs. A.A.M Direct uses strong encryption software, so make sure that the country where you live allows for the kind of strong encryption used by the Stunnel and GnuPG programs.

II. How it works

The following sequence diagrams explain how two or more A.A.M Direct programs communicate with each other. It is not necessary, however, for you to understand how this system actually works to use it.

A.A.M Direct: Send a message

Direct through encrypted channel.

Through Mixmaster remailer system.

A.A.M Direct: Receiving a message

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